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She’s selling her ex’s possessions and netizens are lapping it up

She has three kids, a sharp wit and a lot of stuff left by a cheating spouse.

Good stuff, mostly expensive branded items, though understandably, she has a different view of the man they belonged to.

“All the items are decent, only the owner isn’t,” said Ms Jamille Margarita Galvez, auctioning them off in a Facebook live sale.

She did this not so much for revenge but because it would help provide for her children, going by what she told the Philippine Star.

And she was even encouraging others with cheating spouses to join her, so they could all make money together.

As she put it: "This is what happens when the wife you cheat on is business-minded. Next time, I'll even sell your mistress!"

Indeed, it was not so much the sale or the items but her captions that caught the eye.

Here are a few more, as translated online from the Filipino.

“None of these items is worn out, only his mistress is.”

“Don’t claim ‘mine’ if you can’t stand by your choice, just like my husband couldn’t stand by me.”

“Reason for selling: A pig wore these. We’re taking out trash in this house!”

“Caution: Buy at your own risk, these items are cursed! They will turn your boyfriend or husband into a certified cheater. The moment they wear it they immediately become f**k boys! With a bonus gambling addiction.”

Netizens were tickled, and supportive.

She reportedly made about 300,000 Philippine pesos (S$7,880) from the sale.

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