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Shop at FairPrice and get lucky this Hari Raya

This year's Hari Raya will be a special one for the Malay/Muslim community following two years of tight Covid-19 measures.

More family members can gather for iftar and celebrate the festive occasion on May 2 together.

NTUC FairPrice has all you need for a Hari Raya open house, from household essentials to frozen beef, dates, spices and more. 

Shopping for Hari Raya has never been more convenient, with 36 FairPrice outlets across the island offering more halal groceries. 

And don't forget with every $30 spent at any FairPrice Stores, Warehouse Club, Unity Stores (excluding Unity Changi Airport T3), or on FairPrice Online, you stand to win a chance to win a MG ZS EV Car.  

Fudgee Bar Cake Assorted 10s 395g  ($2.95. UP: $3.20) 

This moist chocolate cake with an irresistible chocolatey fudge filling is a handy energy food for breakfast. It comes in single packs for convenient snacking and combination packs with multiple flavours.

Nature's Best Medjool Dates 454G ($10.90)

A must-have item for breaking fast, dates are a good source of natural antioxidants with a low glycaemic index (GI) and lower fructose. Dates also make a healthier alternative sweetener for homemade nut milk, smoothies, energy balls, and oatmeal.

At FairPrice, you can choose from premium jumbo-sized, high fibre Ajwa dates to popular Medjool dates that have hints of caramel, honey and cinnamon.

SCS Butter Cookies Ovaltine Crunch 260g ($12.90, UP: $14.90)

Be sure to stock up on these goodies to treat your visitors. Relish the aroma of the SCS butter and the playful texture of the Ovaltine Crunch Pop.

FairPrice Cocoa Powder 100g ($3.20)

Add this to your baking essentials. Made from 100 per cent cocoa with no added sugar, artificial colouring, flavouring and preservative, this versatile cocoa powder can be used for baking like brownies, lava cakes, cookies or for making a beverage. 

Hallasan Chicken 250g ($5.60) / Beef Bulgogi 250g ($7.50)

Keep a couple of these ready-to-eat meals in the freezer, and you won't regret it when the sudden craving for Korean cuisine kicks in. Simply thaw, stir-fry and serve over rice. Made in Singapore and following authentic Korean recipes, the halal offerings contain no preservatives or artificial flavouring.

El-Dina Frozen Beef 500g ($19.20) / Chicken Dendeng 500g ($17.70)

Treat your guests to dendeng from El Dina. Made using carefully selected premium spices from Southeast Asia, the meat has a distinctive aroma and is sweet, succulent, and savoury. Just pan fry or grill it for three to five minutes, or microwave it at medium setting for up to 1.5 minutes. Available in selected stores from April 20.

Golden Chef Singapore Rendang Paste 220G ($4.50)

This ready-to-cook rendang paste is heaven-sent for time-strapped people. Made locally with no artificial colourings, the rendang paste goes well with Chef Delights’ frozen beef cubes to recreate the all-time favourite dish.

Chef Delights Frozen Beef Cubes 300g ($4.80)

You can easily recreate beef rendang with these convenient bite-sized beef cubes. Produced in Brazil and packed locally, the beef cubes are also suitable for stews, or a simple garlic butter stir-fry served with pasta.

Ketupat Leaves - Malaysia Coconut Leaves 1s ($7.95)

New and exclusive to FairPrice, these ketupat leaves from Malaysia make attractive diamond-shaped rice cakes, a must-have traditional delicacy for feasting. Rope in everyone in the family for some ketupat weaving fun. Available in selected stores from April 28.

FairPrice Hari Raya Festive Draw

From now to May 11, you stand a chance to win a MG ZS EV Car when you spend $30 at any FairPrice Stores, Warehouse Club, Unity Stores (excluding Unity Changi Airport T3), or on FairPrice Online. There are four cars to be won.  

For the full list of participating products, visit:

Statutory items (4-D, Singapore Sweep, Toto, FairPrice gift vouchers and gift cards), cigarettes and infant milk powder (0 to 12 months), prescription and pharmacy-only medicines are excluded from the computation of the qualifying minimum spend.

The FairPrice Hari Raya Lucky Draw stub will be generated along with the receipt upon purchase when the requirements are met. Fill in your name (as per NRIC) and contact number on the stub and drop it into the lucky draw box provided at participating FairPrice stores.

Winners will be selected once every two weeks. The next draws are on April 21, May 5 and May 19.

All winners will be notified by phone, as indicated on the lucky draw stub, by the following Monday from the lucky draw dates. 

Pop Up Kueh Booth 

Get your favourite kuehs such as tapak kuda, kek kukus, homemade Raya kuih, marble cake, and other traditional Malay kuehs at Pop Up Kueh booths. The booths will be at 10 FairPrice outlets until May 2. 

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