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Wonders of water world

Hansgrohe's Talis mixers come in a wide variety of models and spout heights for different types of basins

German bathroom fittings manufacturer Hansgrohe is well known for its range of high quality, innovative and elegantly designed bathroom fixtures.

Such innovation is part of the DNA of the company, and nowhere is this seen more clearly than in their Talis and Crometta range of products.

The Talis E basin mixers were designed in close collaboration with Hansgrohe's longstanding design partner Phoenix Design.

The clean lines and seamless transition of the spout to the mixer body give them a smooth aesthetic feel, turning any bathroom into an elegant work of art.

The basin mixers come in two versions: those with flat spouts or round, conical spouts, and those with lever- or pin-handles.

Hansgrohe's EcoSmart technology fits an aerator within each basin mixer.

The aerator controls water flow to about five litres per minute without sacrificing comfort.

As the water flows, it is also enriched with air, forming a soft, voluminous water spray.

Talis mixers come in a wide variety of models and spout heights to cater for different types of basins.

The Talis S 80 is best suited for use with small guest washbasins. The high spout of the Talis S 190 makes it easy for users to wash their hair and provides enough clearance to fill watering cans with water.


The Hansgrohe Crometta 100 Multi handshower offers three spray modes - rain, which is perfect for rinsing shampoo out of the hair; TurboRain, which forms an intense, refreshing and rejuvenating shower; and massage spray, which is a strong spray that invigorates and soothes aching muscles.

The basin mixers and shower heads are slim and feel so light. Mrs Kelly Wong,who uses a range of Hansgrohe appliances

The Crometta 100 handshower is equipped with the easy-to-use Hansgrohe QuickClean technology.

To clean the handshower, all you need to do is gently rub the nubs on the shower head to remove dirt from the showerface.

The Crometta 100 Multi handshower usually retails at $84.32 (including GST), but it is now available as a "Star Buy" for only $49 during the Great Singapore Sale. You save more than 40 per cent off the recommended retail price.

School administrator Kelly Wong, 45, has a range of Hansgrohe fittings in her Pasir Ris condominium unit, including shower heads in both bathrooms.

Mrs Wong, a mother of two teenage daughters, said Hansgrohe products are reliable and showcase the best in German design and technology.

She added: "The basin mixers and shower heads are slim and feel so light. But the lightness belies their sturdiness and durability, and they are surprisingly easy to use.

"My daughters are taking longer showers because they love the feel of the shower heads and the various spray modes."

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