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Device promises complete privacy during phone calls

A new Kickstarter campaign has come up with a product that allows users to make phone calls with complete privacy.

Hushme, which fits around the mouth and connects to a mobile phone for calls, is said to use smart noise-cancelling technology to prevent others from hearing what its user is saying, reported Digital Trends.

"We have created the world's first voice mask for smartphones," Hushme chief executive officer, Mr Roman Sakun, said.

"Hushme is a Bluetooth hands-free device, with the additional features of voice masking," he said.

"Due to insulating materials, your voice is decreased by 60 per cent in 'passive' mode, and (people at a distance of 0.9m cannot) understand what are you speaking about.

"If you are in a crowded noisy place... you can use 'active' mode and get almost 100 per cent privacy."

The "active" mode uses the speakers on the outside of Hushme to generate masking sounds.

The campaign has generated about US$17,400 (S$24,500) of its US$70,000 goal, and Hushme is expected to cost US$189 when it ships in December.