Fitness tracker saves user's life

Feedback from a wearable fitness tracker allowed a woman to confirm her suspicions that her shortness of breath and rapid heartbeat were cause for alarm.

Retiree Patricia Lauder, 73, from Conneticut, US, knew that something was wrong after her Fitbit device displayed a resting heart rate of 140 beats per minute in mid-January, reported CNN.

She immediately called for an ambulance and was taken to a hospital, where she was found to have blood clots in her lungs.

"Because of the clot, initially, the pressure in her right ventricle was very dilated and not functioning well," Dr JuYong Lee, director of vascular and endovascular medicine at UConn Health Calhoun Cardiology Center, told CNN.

Ms Lauder was immediately treated using clot-busting drugs and her condition returned to normal within 24 hours.