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Tech news: BMW to have self-driving car by 2021

German carmaker BMW is on track to deliver a self-driving car by 2021, reported Reuters.

"We are on the way to deliver a car in 2021 with level 3, 4 and 5," 
said Mr Elmar Frickenstein, the company's senior vice-president for autonomous driving.

A level 5 vehicle can navigate roads without any driver input, while a level 3 car still needs a steering wheel and a driver who can take over if the car encounters a problem.

Drones to deliver emergency defibrillators?

A drone network could be deployed to send defibrillators to bystanders who are helping people in cardiac arrest, getting the devices to the patients faster than emergency services, a recent Canadian study suggests.

Researchers examined historical data on 53,702 cardiac arrests over 26,851 sq km of rural and urban regions surrounding Toronto, Ontario, to see how drones might be deployed to get help to cardiac arrest patients faster than typical 911 response times, reported Reuters.

If drones were spread evenly across the region, it would require 37 drones spread across 23 bases to get patients started on defibrillator treatment about a minute faster than if they had waited for emergency services, researchers calculated.


If spread evenly across the region, drones can reach people faster than emergency services. PHOTO: YOUTUBE/TUDELFT

If they could get drones to beat emergency service response time by three minutes, 92 per cent of cardiac arrest patients would be treated faster, researchers concluded.

World’s first smart jacket to go on sale


Google has teamed up with Levi's to make the world's first smart jacket aimed at urban bike riders.

Dubbed the Commuter Trucker Jacket, the smart apparel uses Google's Jacquard technology to turn its fabric into a gesture-controlled fabric.

The smart jacket comes fitted with Bluetooth-powered cufflinks that allow users to swipe their fingers to send commands to the companion smartphone, making it easy to answer calls or control the music without pulling the phone out of the pocket.

The machine-washable jacket, which is expected to hit the shelves in the fall, will be priced at US$350 (S$490).