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Destination: Paradise on Earth

Looking for a slice of paradise? These destinations may not have mythical origins, but they practically redefine beauty

Gal Gadot and her amazing portrayal of Wonder Woman has captivated men and women alike.

The movie, now in cinemas, is a tale of how Diana, Amazonian princess of Themyscira, comes to learn about her powers and destiny.

The mythical island of Themyscira - characterised by cascading waterfalls, lush landscapes and magnificent architecture - lives up to its name of "paradise".

Here is a list of destinations, curated by Zuji Singapore, for those seeking a piece of paradise.

Heaven on earth
City of Valletta in Malta. PHOTO: ZUJI

Malta, Mediterranean Sea, Europe

Staying true to Wonder Woman's Greek-inspired heritage, Malta, with its timeless architecture and deep heritage, allows you to walk in her footsteps towards greatness.

The country is packed with beautiful sights and monuments at every corner, including Unesco World Heritage Sites such as the city of Valletta and the seven Megalithic Temples of Malta.

Heaven on earth
Sunset on Malapascua Island. PHOTO: ZUJI

Malapascua Island, Cebu, the Philippines

The mystical Malapascua Island, located at the heart of Cebu, is known for many things.

Rumour has it that the Virgen de los Desamparados performed a miracle in the 1890s, giving it its revered status as an island for devotees to visit.

Fast forward to present time, the island is recognised as a burgeoning tourist location for its coral diving at nearby shoals and its vast sandy beaches.

Isla Holbox, Mexico

Isla Holbox is a paradise away from the city life for many.

Home to a wide range of wildlife including flamingos and pelicans, the idyllic island surrounded by pristine white beaches is part of the Yum Balam Nature Reserve.

The island has been gaining popularity for its whale shark viewing and its delectable lobster cuisines. It definitely pays homage to the Greek island culture up in the north.

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Drawing parallels to Wonder Woman's training in the Amazonian rainforests, Raja Ampat exists as the most diverse living library for the world's coral reef and underwater biodiversity.

It comes as no surprise that divers from all over the world visit the enormous territories made up of about 1,500 islands. Rejuvenate your senses and take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.