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It's happened again - two said to be detained in JB over unstamped passports

It’s the same old story. Passports handed in at Malaysian immigration, returned unstamped and then, when the travellers try to leave, they are detained.

This time it is said to have happened to two friends who drove in through the Causeway in a rented car on Friday (June 3).

They were part of a larger group going for a short break, and the others had taken the bus to Johor Baru earlier.

It was the first time the two were driving into Malaysia, said a post on Reddit.

There was some issue with their Touch n’Go card (used for toll payments in Malaysia) and they had to go to an office at the checkpoint.

Their passports were returned to them only after this was sorted out.

And the post admits that the two failed to check if the passports had been duly stamped.

Then, as usual, when they tried to return to Singapore, there was trouble.

They were stopped at the checkpoint on Sunday.

The Reddit user claimed the officers who questioned them were “very hostile and intimidating” and rejected evidence of their having entered the country legally.

The two were detained, while the rest of the group got back by bus.

They informed family and friends of the two, who remained uncontactable, and the post expressed worry about their safety and wellbeing.

In May another group from Singapore had been detained for a week and fined RM3,000 (S$ 939) each over unstamped passports.

Really people, if you travel to Malaysia, you have to check your passports. It’s a big risk if you don’t.