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Random people in US know a bit about Singapore

It’s a US talk show staple - asking people on the street about something or the other, usually their ignorance resulting in much hilarity.

Now a homesick Singaporean has tried it, asking random people in Los Angeles what they knew of his country.

And guess what?

Almost all of them had heard of Singapore and several could spot exactly where it is on a world map, while some others missed it quite narrowly.

One young fellow - apparently a geography whizz - even made an attempt to name Singapore’s President and Prime Minister.

It looks like the alleged ignorance of the US public has been somewhat exaggerated.

The results were put on YouTube by user Wilson Lim Setiawan, a student at the University of Southern California.

The young man, who could not fly home for the holidays, decided to give away up to US$100, offering US$20 to anyone who could pinpoint Singapore on the map he was carrying.

It starts off with several people saying they knew nothing much about Singapore, though almost all of them had heard of the place.

A couple of them said they had visited and one said she was going to join Nanyang Technological University.

The F1 night race, Crazy Rich Asians and some of Singapore’s tourist attractions were mentioned.

Eventually he had only US$20 left, having given away the rest to those who got it right.

Of course many of those he met on the street were not Americans, and as he admitted, if they asked him to spot their countries on the map, he may not have been able to do it.

And one of those commenting on the video suggested that he “ask singaporeans to locate LA”.

Watch the video here:

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