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Want to go on this ride? It drops you 100m, head first at 95kmh!

If you are the type can make do with free fall, this amusement park in Tampa, Florida, will be just be the right one for you.

It has a vertical ride which is a mind-boggling 100 metres tall.

Busch Gardens' new giant Falcon's Fury ride, the tallest freestanding drop tower in north America, is open to the public at the theme park, Mail Online reported.

When riders get to the top - as many as 32 at one time - their seats are tilted forward 90 degrees so that they're directly facing the ground when released.

And during the first 30m free fall, they drop at a speed of about  95kmh  before a magnetic braking system brings them to a safe and upright stop.

During the drop, riders will experience an estimated G-force of 3.5.

Support beams

Engineers had to drive 105 steel support beams as deep as 62m into the ground before fusing them together with a concrete cap to make it secure.

It isn’t the tallest drop tower in the world. That honour goes to 125m Zumanjaro at Six Flag’s Great Adventure in New Jersey.

Source: Mail Online




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