WATCH: Man buys unlimited pasta pass and gives free food to the homeless

What would you do if you had a pass that let you eat as much as you want at a food chain?

Matt Tribe from the US bought the $100 limited edition 'Never Ending Pasta Pass' to Olive Garden's pasta for seven weeks and came up with a brilliant way to use it.

He came up with the idea of 'Random Acts of Pasta' where he went around giving free pasta to people.

"I realize it might be stupid to think, 'I just gave them pasta, how does that make their day better?' But somebody did something nice for them," Tribe said.

By the end of seven weeks, what started with just friends and family soon turned into something so great that 125 people benefited from Tribe's kindness.

"I thought, what have I done to deserve this," said Tribe's friend and pasta recipient Ben Taylor. "He explained to me what he was doing, he was just giving out random acts of pasta to neighbors, friends, and even homeless people, and I thought, that's kind of a cool story."

So Taylor and Tribe began documenting their random act of kindness that showed how he made use of the pass for the homeless.

"It was super fulfilling," says Tribe. "Because the entire time I was doing this for a month, just about every night, the only thing I was thinking about was who could I take Olive Garden to, who could I do Random Acts of Pasta to, who could I do something nice for."

"You forget about all your worries, you forget about all your troubles. Everything's better."

Source: E! Online

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