WATCH: Teen challenges Disney's Gaston to push-up contest and gets completely annihilated

A young visitor at Disney World thought it was a good idea to challenge Beauty and the Beast villain Gaston to a push-up contest.

Unfortunately for him, it was anything but. 

In the minute-long clip, youngster Blake Platt confidently calls out Gaston by saying: "You think you're pretty strong? I think I'm stronger than you."

Amused, the brawny villain replied: "What's the challenge today, boy?" to which Platt replies: "A push-up contest."

Without hesitation, both Gaston and Platt soon hit the ground . 

But it was the former who proved unstoppable as his rapid push ups outpaced his opponent's.

The Disney villain delivered a final blow by sticking one arm out and shifting to one-arm push-ups.

"It looks like he's struggling, perhaps he needs a hand!" he taunted.

Platt gave up.

Source: Mail Online 

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