What do you really need this Halloween? Zombie pancake art

Halloween is around the corner. Do you have your scary treats all ready?

We're not talking about sour candy or sweets. We're talking about zombie pancakes.

These delicious/scary-looking treats are the creations of Nathan Shields.

This man knows his way around the kitchen, and his specialty is pancakes.

It's a work of art, really.

We can't believe we were happy eating round, faceless pancakes all these years.




The pancakes are lovingly made for his children, who on occasion give him a helping hand.

Mr Shields puts "how to make" pancake videos on YouTube.

Well, they're supposed to be tutorials, but we highly doubt we can execute any of his artful twirls, swirls and dots.

If zombies and skulls aren't your thing, check out his other creations below.

The Beatles

The Walking Dead


Source: YouTube/Nathan Shields, Facebook/saipancakes