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Edison Chen's ex exposes him in book: It was sex every time

This revelation won't come as a surprise.

Remember Hong Kong actor Edison Chen's 2008 scandal where intimate pictures he took of actresses Cecilia Cheung, Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan and Rachel Ngan were leaked online after the laptop he was getting repaired was hacked into?

His ex-girlfriends have made no bones about him being sex-crazed.

Now, one more ex has come out to give details of the extent of Chen's sex obsession.

According to Asian Pop News, Hong Kong model-actress Gloria Wong who was attached to him more than 10 years ago, has just released her fifth photo book and in it, she talks about her relationship with Chen.

In a nutshell, she has accused Chen (pictured below) of using her for sex.


Said Wong: "I was not happy when I knew him. It wasn't normal dating.

"It was sex every time. He liked to call me at two or three am to go up to his house.

"If I refused to go, he would get crazy and scold me."

She was appalled that Chen did not offer to pay for the cab fare for the booty calls she made.

Wong said that she didn't have much work at that time and the rides to Chen's house, which cost around HKD$200 ($35) per trip, were tough on her pockets.

Gloria Wong feels upset that Edison Chen used her for sex. PHOTO: APPLE DAILY HK

On why she felt the need to give in to Chen's demands, she said that she thought "it was normal to make my boyfriend happy".

"Edison asked me to wear sexy lingerie for him.

"He also asked me to go on a holiday with him... He had money and he took business class but I had to take economy class.

"Did he ask me to make any video? I can't reveal."

Wong said that Chen had two-timed her often and when she caught him with other women, he would just brush her off.

Source: Asian Pop News

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