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'I gently -- her -- so -- she --': Fill in the blanks and win a copy of Grey!

Are you a fan of 50 Shades of Grey?

Or maybe you are just Grey-curious. 

Well here's an opportunity to satiate your desire by taking part in our G-rated Grey contest.

We have chosen at random three "sexy" paragraphs from the novel Grey Fifty Shades of Grey, then censored some of the words. 

(We admit that by omitting the words, the sentence could appear to be much worse than it was originally written. But then if you are reading it in such a way, that could say more about your mind.)

Fill in the blanks

To take part:

Choose one of the paragraphs.

Fill in the blanks with a word or words  in a non-offensive way that tones down the sentence entirely.

We have six copies of Grey to give away to the most inventive paragraphs.

Open to those over 18 only.

Contest ends at 11.59pm, Wednesday June 24.



"An image of             shackled to my            , peeled             inserted in             so she can't             her            , comes to mind, followed by judicious use of a             or             ."


"With my            , I circled             once more, then             and remove the             from my mouth. Gently, I             the first            , then the second, leaving the              outside, draped against            ."


"I fold the             of her            over her back, revealing her                       . I run my palm over                and the top of             , and a           runs through me."