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Korean star Gianna Jun in a new shoe ad with ...

My Love from the Stars star Gianna Jun is in a new print ad for Chinese shoe ad, with none other than Hong Kong heartthrob Nicholas Tse. 

Korean entertainment news site Allkpop reports that the news comes from a Hong Kong media outlet. 

 Gianna Jun and Nicholas Tse star in a new ad for Chinese shoe brand Daphne

The stars have teamed up for an ad for Chinese brand Daphne, with Jun, 32, pictured in a gold skirt and white blouse holding a sexy stiletto, and Tse, 33, standing next to her in a casual black and white get-up. 

The pair have apparently also filmed a TV commercial for the brand. 

Jun is a natural choice to endorse for a Chinese brand, as her hit Korean drama is hugely popular in the mainland.

Buzzfeed collected reports of how Chinese fans of the show have endangered their health, either by missing sleep to watch episodes back to back, or by gorging themselves on fried chicken and beer, a favourite food of the two lead characters, Cheon Song Yi (played by Jun), and Do Min Joon (played by actor Kim Soo Hyun). 

Sources: Allkpop, and Buzzfeed

Photo: Allkpop