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What Mike Kasem learnt from his first-ever CNY experience.

l I have to carry two oranges whenever I go visiting and present them to the old folks like the Ah Mas (grandmothers in Mandarin).

l Married people have to give hongbao to kids and singles It's bizarre receiving hongbao from people younger than you. No matter if it's tradition or not, it's, like, 'Dude, you're half my age'.

l Mindy said that we're not allowed to open hongbao until the last day of Chinese New Year - is this true?

l I thought people always gambled during Chinese New Year so I was waiting for them to bust out a game of chor dai di (big two) because I'm a whiz at it. That didn't happen.

l I didn't do the food-tossing thing (yu sheng). Maybe next year.