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Taylor Swift, you should try these Singapore food places!

What's the best way to welcome Taylor Swift to Singapore? Food, of course!

The mega pop star will be in Singapore this weekend (Nov 7 and 8) for her massively popular The 1989 World Tour.

Since she will be spending at least three nights here, we decided she should get to know Singapore a little better.

So The New Paper's resident foodie Yeoh Wee Teck has come up with #The1989SGFoodTour - a list of restaurants, bars and hawker centres to check out based on the songs from her record-breaking album that was released last year.

And 10 lucky fans will be able to go on some of these stops!

You have the chance to win vouchers from Clinton Street Baking Company & Restaurant ($50), Mad About Sucre ($50), Starbucks ($50) AEIOU ($50) or The Company of Cats ($30)!

And who knows, Taylor Swift may join you as well!

How do we get that to happen?

Just share this article on Twitter or Instagram with #The1989SGfoodtour and make sure to tag @thenewpaper and @taylorswift13 (for Twitter) and @taylorswift (for Instagram)!

Note: We'll be notifying winners through the social media portals so do remember to follow us so we can send you a direct message!

​It's that easy!


1. Welcome To New York

Clinton Street Baking Company & Restaurant at 31 Purvis Street

We welcome her to Singapore by welcoming her to a famed New York institution Clinton St Baking Company & Restaurant. Nothing like home to ease yourself into a new city, right?

And she'll feel right at home too because the queues are as crazy here as they are in New York. And if she wants the full experience, we could always stand around and yell at her.

2. Blank Space

Starbucks at 37 Rochester Park


S'pore pt 3

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People always mistake the line "long list of ex-lovers" for Starbucks lovers. Even Taylor Swift has acknowledged it.

The Starbucks at the One Rochester branch is the prettiest - it's like dining in your own caffeinated bungalow - so of course, it's the perfect place for a pop princess.

And since the famous red Starbucks Christmas cups have just made their return, it's doubly festive.

But will they get her name right on the cup though? Maybe they might write Becky on the cup instead (Swifties will know what I'm talking about).

3. Style

There is no lack of stylish drinking spaces in Singapore.

From looking like a boudoir (The Vagabond Bar at the new Hotel Vagabond, 39 Syed Alwi Road) to urban (Manhattan at the Regent Hotel looks like a speakeasy) to chic (Anti:Dote, Fairmont Singapore).

The Vagabond Bar:


Me and my monkey #craftcocktail #bar in #Singapore

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@katherinengu #antidote #hightea #dessert #sweet #die #me #happy #with #bff #saturday

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4. Out Of The Woods

Shelter in The Woods (22 Greenwood Avenue)

Swift may want to go drink coconut water in Pulau Ubin if she wants the woods, but a better option is Shelter In The Woods. This rustic European restaurant is located at a quiet chi chi residential area, so there won't be any fear that her fans would invade the area. 

5. All You Had To Do Was Stay

We have so many great dessert cafes now, and you'll just want to eat and eat and stay all day. Try Mad About Sucre (27 Teo Hong Rd) for the most sophisticated desserts, or Karafuru (8 Jalan Klapa) for the prettiest plate.

Mad About Sucre:




The quintessential pouring shot for Matchazuke Parfait. More at www.pinkypiggu.com

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6. Shake It Off

Let's give this all-American girl a taste of her own fast food - McDonalds! - but with a local twist:

The seaweed shaker fries. We're crazy about them, so it's likely she could feel the same. And she can shake off the calories later by dancing on stage. 

7. I Wish You Would


The best durian ever! We ate too much til we threw up #durian #combatdurian #fat

A photo posted by (@cynthia__carolina) on Jul 17, 2015 at 8:42am PDT

I wish you would eat a durian, Swift. After all, I never could!

But if she did, I may reconsider.

Forget the Geylang ones, head to Combat Durian (249 Balestier Road) or Ah Seng Durian (Blk 150A Ghim Moh Temporary Market).

It'll make her trip memorable and she could be the fruit's most famous ambassador.

8. Bad Blood

The Company of Cats at 6B Mosque Street

Bad Blood is Swift at her crankiest, so maybe the cat lady would enjoy something feline. The Company of Cats (6B Mosque Street) is the place to put her in a better mood.

There are lots of cute cats there - all rescued - and profits go to charity.

The food is quite good and she can walk around Chinatown to get a couple of Singapore's a Fine City T-shirts as souvenirs.

9. Wildest Dreams


neighhh omnomnom #cutie

A photo posted by Amanda Tan (@mdmtanlele) on Jul 26, 2015 at 5:00pm PDT

Horses were prominently featured in the video for this song, suggesting that Swift might be keen to be near them.

Well, at Riders Cafe (above) at 52 Fairways Drive the horses are no longer there, but they are in a stable.

Or she might want to venture to Bollywood Veggies at 100 Neo Tiew Road (below) for a farm experience.




A photo posted by ·•· A S H L E Y J A N E ·•· (@ashley.jane) on Aug 30, 2015 at 11:50pm PDT

10. How You Get The Girl


@theblackswansg #Singapore #cocktails #mixology

A photo posted by Geoff Baker (@unhistoricacts) on Oct 21, 2015 at 6:41am PDT

The best pick-up bars outside of Geylang or Orchard Towers is anywhere with a Ladies Night. 

If you want a pick of the men instead, head to The Black Swan (19 Cecil Street).

There are more men than women, and all ready to not talk about work. 

11. This Love

The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill at #01-01 One Fullerton


​Фуф! Вот и подошла к концу еще одна рабочая неделя! Теперь можно отдохнуть, вкусно поужинать и полюбоваться красивым видом! Чем мы сейчас и занимаемся... Сидим в ресторане Pelican Seafood на набережной и смотрим на знаменитый отель Marina Bay Sands.​ ​Мы уже заказали нашу любимую пеликановскую тарелку, которая состоит из свежайших устриц, креветок, краба, лобстер и других морских вкусняшек. Конечно же, мы не смогли себе отказать еще в одном блюде Baked Snapper Pie, под крышкой из золотистого слоеного теста которого прячутся кусочки снэппера, спаржа и грибы. Marina Bay Sands не была бы так прекрасна без мохито, только подумайте, здесь предлагают аж 10 разных вкусов. Мне особенно нравится вариация с маракуйей. Средний счет на двоих в этом ресторане: $80-100. #asia #singapore #marinabaysands #holiday #travel #азия #сингапур #маринабэйсэндс #отель #отдых #отпуск #путешествие #тропики #УникальныйСингапур

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Since the song starts off with her singing about clear blue water and high tides, we must send her off to Sentosa and our beaches for a visit.

There are many eateries along our coast, any one of them would fit the theme.

But if the high tide is a must, the Marina Bay skyline is always full, then The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill (#01-01 One Fullerton) is your best bet.

12. I Know Places

Tampines Round Market at Blk 137A Tampines Street 11

AEIOU at 111 King George's Ave


A trip to Singapore is not complete without a visit to a hawker centre. And the best hawker centers are in the east.

So Swift should hop onto the MRT and head to Bedok and check out the hawker stalls here - the lontong is divine - or go further down to Tampines Round Market (Blk 137A Tampines Street 11).

And she has to make her way to the Jalan Besar enclave. It has blossomed to be the it place - just right for music's It girl! AEIOU (111 King George's Ave) cafe.



With its rustic decor and interesting knick knacks, and its great menu of food (she must try the avocado coffee), she can brag she has eaten at the best places in Singapore. 

13. Clean


Visit #hawkercentre is a way to eat like the locals. #singapore

A photo posted by ʚ H.M.K (@keiihmk) on May 19, 2015 at 7:06am PDT

When Swift is in Singapore, and you want to show her clean, just take her to any hawker centre and zoom in on the stall certified A.

Confirm clean!

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