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Biker Boy: A Harley fit for a superhero

The Harley-Davidson Street 750 appears in the new Avengers movie. Biker Boy takes it out for a spin and gives you a lowdown on the bike

Iconic bike brand Harley-Davidson is changing its cinematic image from anti-hero to superhero.

Previously, it was famously ridden by the lead characters in films like Easy Rider and The Wild One.

Now the marque appears in new movie The Avengers: Age of Ultron, which opens here on April 23.

You can expect an epic scene when Captain America, played by Chris Evans, meets Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow, with the former riding Harley's Street 750 and the latter piloting Harley's first electric-powered Project LiveWire. Tarmac-ripping scenes and power slides are guaranteed.

Coincidentally, the fuel-injected Street will also be making its debut here. We hijacked one for a review worthy of a real-world superhero.


It looks stealthy and compact. The Street's headlamp cowl screams "cafe racer" while the low silhouette at the bike's rear suggests "dragster".

Rubber fork boot gaiter covers evoke a retro charm. Modern tweaks like the two-into-one black exhaust pipe contrast against the glossy tear drop air cleaner.

At 2.22m in length, it is 21.5cm shorter than its beefier-looking big brother, the 1,247cc Night Rod Special.

But the 750cc Street can proudly stand on its own, being an all-new platform built by the Motor company with urban mobility as its focus.


You will notice the Street is lighter than most Harleys at 222kg.

Its mass is primarily focused around the middle, just like its blacked-out brake and gear-shifter pedals. It is also not a far stretch to the wide handlebars.

But taller riders may find the saddle a little tight.


The Street's twin-cylinder engine called the Revolution X is capable of churning 60Nm of torque.

In the real world, you don't need superhero, brute force to escape the city's gridlock during peak hours.

What you need is predictable and instant throttle response, coupled with a narrow girth to make it easier to get out of tight spots when traffic stalls. The Street's got all of these bases covered.

When the road opens up, a crack of the throttle takes you to the lead.

But when it comes to braking, you will need to grab a "handful" before coming to a stop.

The broad power band comes into play when cornering. Just roll on and roll off the throttle and let the bike's torque guide you out of bends.

This Harley rebel may not look like an ideal canyon carver, especially with its flat-profile rear tyre.

But we have learnt that pursuing corners will leave scrape marks on the underside of the exhaust pipe and foot pegs. To some, however, this builds street cred.


Harley kept things simple on the Street. No anti-lock brakes, self-cancelling signal lights or other electronic distractions to divert your focus away from traffic.

An analogue speedometer with a digital window is all that's staring back at you.

With a machine price of $16,999, Harley-Davidson Singapore hopes to entice younger riders. Having spare change means you could invest in grippy brake pads, cool foot controls, adjustable suspension or even a street-legal exhaust pipe.


If you yearn for that V-twin rumble but are not a fan of heavy motorcycles, then consider the inexpensive Street. Its robust engine and easy handling make it ideal for city riding.


Make & mode: Harley-davidson street 750

Capacity: 750cc

Engine: Fuel-injected, water-cooled V-Twin

Transmission: 6-speed

Machine price: $16,999

For more information, call Harley-davidson Singapore at 6475-0123


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