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New Face 2015: Sherine Tan

Sherine Tan, 25


Sherin Tan says people mistake her to be a wild, crazy party girl. She insists she is just a “simple girl with a big personality”.

The 25-year-old auditor adds: “Regardless of what others think, I would describe myself as how my close friends describe me: friendly, sporty and cheerful.

“I have an easy-going personality and love outdoor activities.”

But she does have a pet peeve — people who are engrossed with their mobile phones while out with her.

“People are so attached to their mobile device that they can’t survive if they put it away for even a minute.

“I always say that they might as well not ask me to hang out if they are going to be glued to their phones the whole time.”


Get Sherine back in a good mood by taking her to MacRitchie Reservoir.

“This place is a good balance to the busy and hectic life in Singapore.”

Subaru WRX STI

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Outfit: Levi's

Shoes & Accessories: New Look

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Creative Director: Yeoh Wee Teck
Photographer: Jeremy Long
Writer: Teresa Lo
Layout: Billy Ker and Janessa Tan
Stylist: ZH Tan
Hair: Kelvin, Louis and Norman, Monsoon Group
Make up: Beno and Michelle, M.A.C.
The New Paper New Face 2015 finale will be held on Oct 1 at Takashimaya Square, Ngee Ann City basement two at 7.30pm.
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