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Victoria's Secret drops Bombshell on mosquitoes

Victoria's Secret perfume Bombshell is able to keep mosquitoes away, according to a New Mexico State University study into the different types of mosquito repellents.

Research assistant Stacy Rodriguez, who led the researchers in the Molecular Vector Physiology Lab, conducted a test on the effectiveness of 10 commercially available products intended to repel mosquitoes, reported the New Straits Times.

The study found that the perfume Bombshell can repel mosquitoes effectively for up to two hours, according to

The perfume, when used in high doses, was better than a range of "organic" mosquito repellents on the market.


Miss Rodriguez said: "It was interesting to see that the mosquitoes were not attracted to the person who was wearing the Victoria's Secret perfume, they were repelled by it."

However, the study showed that overall, the most effective repellents were those that contained Deet, which is an effective insect deterrent, but is also a known irritant.