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All eyes on Hong Kong's all-female e-sports gaming team

These eight cute, sexy girls look like they belong in the world of cosplay.

But behold their real talent - gaming.

According to the South China Morning Post (SCMP), Girls HK is the first all-female e-sports gaming team from Hong Kong, which was formed two months ago.

A breath of fresh air in the male-dominated world of gaming, the team has already amassed 50,000 Facebook fans.

Girls HK will take on Taiwanese team Logi-A later this month at the E-Sport Festival 2015 in Hong Kong, that features competitions in games such as Street Fighter, Counterstrike and Hearthstone.

Team captain Fafa Yim told SCMP: "We're confident of winning."

Winning teams can walk away with prizes up to HK$50,000 ($9,100).

Girls HK were selected from an online competition sponsored by Swiss device maker Logitech.

Since then, the League of Legends experts have been broadcasting their game plans on streaming service Twitch as thousands of subscribers tune in to listen to them show off their gameplay know-how and talk about their fearless attitudes towards the multi-player gaming. 

Yim has been playing the game for over two years, for two to three hours a day, four or five days a week.

So why is the gaming world dominated by men?

Yim feels its because women are turned off by the violent nature of some of the games.

She feels that League Of Legends is "not that cute" and "there's lots of killing".

Australian gaming site Kotaku reported that Sam Wan, spokesman for Cyber Games Arena where the E-sports Festival 2015 will be held, admitted that Girls HK were not full-time professionals yet and they will need time to get to get to that level. 

The girls from Girls HK all have full time jobs or are still studying.

Source: South China Morning Post, Kotaku

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