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Is Microsoft's new Surface Book the killer of Apple's MacBook?

Microsoft just introduced its very first laptop and they are making some bold claims about it.

At their event on Tuesday (Oct 6) in New York, the technology giant introduced a slew of new products, including their first ever laptop which they are calling the Surface Book.

Microsoft is calling the Surface Book the "ultimate laptop".



From the reactions online, it seems that it is not just hyperbole. There is genuine hype over the new device.





We take a look at Microsoft's new offering and see if their offering is going to be a rival for Apple's MacBook.

It is beauty

From the get-go, the Surface Book is just beautiful to look at.


The all-metal clamshell looks sleek and futuristic making the 1kg laptop easy on the eye.

That hinge

Aside from it being a pretty little piece of design, the hinge actually serves a vital function for the laptop.

The "dynamic fulcrum" design is unique and innovative because, as CNET pointed out, it has to move freely and also set itself in one direction.

Perhaps, most importantly, the hinge allows the Surface Book to show that it's more than meets the eye.

It transforms!

This is the Surface Book's party piece.



Other laptops tend to stay the same shape as a laptop.

However, the Surface Book is able to detach its screen from the keyboard so that you can use the screen on its own as a tablet.

You can also attach the screen in reverse so that it has a longer battery life.

The Surface Pen

Apple has the Pencil, Microsoft has the Surface Pen.

While the Pencil has no eraser, strangely enough, the Surface Pen has an eraser on the end of it.

While convenient, Mashable reported that the eraser can currently only be used on their note-taking app, OneNote. 

The Verge reported that Microsoft's stylus has 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity, which makes for a smooth user experience.

Panos Panay, vice president of Surface at Microsoft, presented the laptop so passionately and emotionally during their event.



StaffPad music notation on the Surface Pro 4

The best use yet for Microsoft's Surface Pen.

Posted by The Verge on Tuesday, October 6, 2015


The best part about the Surface Pen is that it comes together with the Surface Book.

So you don't have to purchase it separately, unlike the Pencil.

Beast specifications

The machine is equipped with the latest Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and it has top-of-the-line NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Processor.

These all mean that the Surface Book will perform effortlessly whatever task you throw at it.

Microsoft is boasting the Surface Book has up to 12 hours of battery life.

Quite impressive, considering that the similar sized, 13-inch MacBook Pro can last up to 10 hours in between charges.

So the big question: How much does it cost?

It starts at US$1,499 (S$2,119) for the 128GB/Core Intel i5 with 8GB of ram.

It will start selling on Oct 26 in the US.

You'll have to be patient, though, because there is no word on when it will arrive in Singapore.

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