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Game of Thrones' The Mountain is Iceland's strongest man

Could there have ever been any doubt? 

Hafthor Julius Bjornsson, 26, has won the title of Iceland's Strongest Man.

He is better known as Game of Thrones'  Gregor Clegane aka The Mountain.

And it's not the first time he has won the Icelandic strength title.

This is the fifth consecutive year he has lifted the title.

How did he prove his strength this year?

Bjornsson, who weighs 190kg, had to complete the Atlas Stones course where he had to quickly lift five heavy round stones, increasing in weight and weighing hundreds of kilos.


And he did it with barely any trouble at all.

The man, who's character in Thrones killed a fan favourite in a gruesome display of rage was evidently pleased with his performance.

We capped his triumph in a much less bloodthirsty way by as ripping off his Tshirt to celebrate.

Bjornsson, who stands at 2.05m, also won the title of World's Strongest Viking by carrying a log weighing 650kg.

That makes is sound very simple. 

But by carrying the log for five steps, he purportedly broke a 1,000 year old viking record.




And if you ever wondered a modern viking smells like, Bjornsson also fronts the campaign for a cologne.

Is isn't bad for someone who just a few years earlier looked like this. This was when he was more into basket ball, rather than weightlifting.




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