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The best reactions over the new Star Wars trailer

Millions of Star Wars fans around the world were sent into delirium when the new trailer for The Force Awakens was released on Tuesday morning (Aug 20, Singapore time).

The 2 mins 35 seconds-long clip gave fans a clearer peek into the background story behind the highly-anticipated seventh installment of the inter-galactic sci-fi saga, which is helmed by Star Trek director JJ Abrams.



Needless to say, social media sites such as Twitter were flooded with messages about the new trailer, mostly from fans excited about the series' return to the big screen.











The excitement apparently made some people do strange things...



With the trailer featuring characters from the original trilogy of movies such as Han Solo, Chewbaca and Leia Organa, there was plenty of room for nostalgia for older fans of the series.







Even some non-fans who watched the trailer were impressed.



Local blogger Mr Brown also weighed in on the trailer with a rather Inception-y tweet:



The overall vibe was so positive, even IGN editor Andrew Goldfarb couldn't help but feed off on the feel-good factor.



Of course, it wasn't all positive.

Some self-righteous fans felt threatened by the sudden emergence of new fans.



With the trailer making its debut during the half-time break of an American football game, one Star Wars fan made it very clear he wasn't a sports enthusiast (not the guy below tweeting, just to make it clear).



Some began poking holes in the plot of the new movie, where it seems everyone has forgotten about the Jedi and the Sith:





Others started complaining about the use of X-Wings and Tie fights already, prompting this countering tweet:



With the major hype going on around him, one guy who has never seen a single Star Wars film (shock, horror!) felt a little left out.



There, there.

Finally, one guy wondered what the Star Wars universe would be like if Qui-Gon Jinn, played by Liam Neeson in Episode I, hadn't set the wheels of fate in motion:



Source: Twitter

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