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Daniel Radcliffe tranforms into a hunchback in Victor Frankenstein

The Harry Potter star talks about playing hunchback Igor, and working with co-star James McAvoy

Mary Shelley's classic tale is undergoing a new spin in Victor Frankenstein.

Starring James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe, the Paul McGuigan-directed thriller focuses on the friendship between the titular radical scientist (McAvoy) and his equally brilliant protege Igor (Radcliffe).

The duo bond over their shared vision of aiding humanity through their groundbreaking research into immortality. But Victor’s experiments go too far and his obsession has horrifying consequences, and only Igor can bring his friend back from the brink of madness and save him from his monstrous creation.  

Victor Frankenstein also stars Andrew Scott and Jessica Brown Findlay, and opens here Nov 26.

Radcliffe, 26, who rose to fame as a boy wizard in the Harry Potter films, shares his thoughts on his conflicted Igor and working with McAvoy.

On the script

Frankenstein is a story that has been told many times before, but this version is its own thing and bares very little relation to the original book, It manages to incorporate pieces of all the incarnations of Frankenstein that have come since while simultaneously like being its own entity.

I found it highly original. I suppose I like anything that dares to be a bit bold and has fun with the genre that it’s in. There was a lot of playfulness in the script.

Also the relationship between Victor and Igor is such an exciting and fun one to portray.


On his character Igor

Igor is this much maligned, abused, mistreated hunchback who has been brought up in a circus.

Perhaps because of his physical deformity, he has to develop certain skills to keep himself useful. One of the things he does is that he's become a brilliant surgeon by educating himself through picking up scraps of medical textbooks that he's found. His practical experience came from treating animals and performers around the circus. He hides himself in his books and in his studying.

But his skill is totally under appreciated by the people that surround him every day. They just despise him and mistreat him.

Then one day an accident at the circus brings him to the attention of Dr Victor Frankenstein, who takes him under his wing and gives Igor this new life as a scientist, and gives him an opportunity to help him change the world.


On James McAvoy

He's one of the actors I've looked up to since I was very young.

James is an amazing actor -- he's bold, he's incredibly strong about understanding his character and knowing what his character wants out of a scene and knowing what they would and wouldn't do. I think he's one of those actors who hits the ground running in such an exciting way that it gives all the people around him the permission to be bold as well, and like make bold choices.

I definitely found him fantastic to work with.


On what audiences can expect

I think this film is going to be a clever, old-fashioned adventure movie. It's exciting because it doesn't shy away from intellectual and moral issues. 

Also, it's great and fun story about two guys pushing each other as far as they can, and then one having to try and save the other one from himself. It's got a lot of classic elements in there. 

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