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Jurassic Jumble

Jurassic World, which opened here last week, introduced us to a fictional hybrid dinosaur - Indominus Rex. Infographic artists BILLY KER and NG WENG CHI dig up real prehistoric crossbreeds that once existed and rate their cool factor.


We call it: The Overpowered Rex

T-Rex + Velociraptor + Cuttlefish + Frog + a whole bunch of other dinosaurs

The Indominus Rex is proof that humans are always capable of topping their last mistake with an even bigger (and meaner) one. They're literally biting off more than they can chew. This latest version is a perfect killing machine, genetically bred using dinosaur DNA, making it bigger, faster and smarter. Also, it can camouflage itself and detect thermal signature. Afraid yet?


We call it: Singlefingersaurus

Gallimimus + A pair of single claws

The Linhenykus makes the miniscule-armed T. rex look like an ape, considering its arm length. This unfortunate species literally has two stubby claws acting as hands, that probably makes hugging rather difficult. Not that it is likely that this dinosaur has any friends, since its way of saying hi is by literally giving them the finger.


We call it: Bucktooth

Oviraptor + Beaver + Chicken

On a scale of 1 to 10 of how likely this dinosaur will be mocked by his friends, the Incisivosaurus is clearly a 15. Sporting a beaver-like bucktooth, this chicken-size feathered creature is highly unusual. Despite being related to the egg-thieving Oviraptors, the Incisivosaurus is herbivorous.


We call it: Rubberneckesaurus

Diplodocus + An even longer neck
The Tanystropheus is essentially 50 per cent neck and 50 per cent everything else. With such an inconceivably long neck - about 3m of its 6m overall length - it's a miracle it didn't starve to death before extinction hit, waiting for food to travel down its oesophagus.



We call it: Wolverinosaur

Wolverine + Velociraptor

I wouldn't be the least surprised if this dinosaur were to appear in some new comic book as Wolverine's pet. Armed with a set of long, blade-like claws, it would be a miracle for the Therizinosaurus to actually own anything without accidentally slicing it up. Just imagine it on the local news as a serial killer, stabbing everyone it meets.


We call it: Jumbochickensaur

Velociraptor  + Giant Chicken

If you think turkeys are chickens on steroids, then you've not seen anything yet. Meet the Gigantoraptor. It's estimated to be around 4m tall and weighs a whopping 2,000kg, making it the most popular dinosaur to bring home for Thanksgiving. Just don't complain when you have no room in your fridge for leftovers.


Pachycephalosaurus  + Triceratops

We call it: Bald Triceratops

The Stygimoloch is what happens when a Pachycephalosaurus (thick-headed lizard) meets a Triceratops and had a baby. Either that, or a Triceratops grew really old, bald and skinny and scientists mistook it for a new species. That aside, the Stygimoloch is a beast offensive-wise, with not only an extra thick skull, but spikes growing from it.

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