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Movie Review: Zootopia (PG)

You can always count on Disney to preach social issues in a fun way.

The themes of diversity, racism and prejudice are never more timely in our problem-filled society.

This movie is set in a world where the animals live in harmony, and the heroine, Judy (Ginnifer Goodwin), is an optimistic bunny who dares to dream big.

Despite her parents wanting her to be a carrot farmer, Judy becomes the first bunny to be a police officer, a job meant for large and imposing animals like lions, rhinos and buffaloes.

Judy chances upon a case of missing mammals and teams up with streetwise fox Nick (Jason Bateman) to solve the mystery that threatens to end their utopian society.

The jokes are fast and witty, and the visuals are amazing.

The two leads are a great study of how those who have extreme characteristics - and are natural enemies - can be the best of friends if we set aside our fears.

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