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S'pore inside out

New Pixar flick Inside Out focuses on five emotions — joy, sadness, anger, fear and disgust — in the mind of an 11-year-old girl.

Infographics journalist Billy Ker shows the other 'little voices' in the heads of Singaporeans.








This is probably the most prominent voice in the heads of Singaporeans. It's the one that insists you wake up early (or sometimes not sleep at all) and head out to queue for the latest Hello Kitty plush toy, iPhone or new bank notes. It's just especially sensitive to queues in general, prompting you to join any queue you see even before you know what you are queueing up for.


You know that feeling when you see the MRT train door closing and you rush to squeeze your way through the peak-hour crowd, just to pack yourself into an even more crowded train although you are still early for work? That's Anxiety in overdrive, worrying about the lack of time and causing you unnecessary stress.


The eager beaver in you constantly craving information, a little or a lot, important or mundane - like pestering your best friend to reveal which guy she went out with last week or asking what she had for breakfast this morning. Nosiness is the need to know just about anything and everything, whether it's your business or not.


Act blur, live longer? If that's the case, you have Obliviousness to thank, as he's the one turning your head the other way or making you instantly fall asleep on the train whenever someone who needs the seat more than you comes along. It's also especially active during work, always trying to get you out of tight spots and projects that you'd rather not trouble yourself with.