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WATCH: Harry Potter star tanks at receptionist job

Actor Daniel Radcliffe might be better known as the man who played Harry Potter, but all those years at Hogwarts certainly didn't prepare him for the real world.

The British actor sat behind the counter of Nylon magazine's office to play receptionist for an hour recently.

And boy, did he struggle.

The 25-year-old had no idea how to go about his temporary job.

But at least he was frank, telling one man that unless he needed the bathroom key, he was "pretty much out of options".

Even then, Radcliffe struggled to find the right key for another woman, who had to fish it out herself.

I'm very new and really bad at this job

He later admitted to singer-actor Joe Jonas, who had walked in for an appointment, that he was "very new and very s**t".

Despite his fumbling and bumbling manner behind the counter, starry-eyed Nylon staff and visitors who recognised him just had to take selfies to mark their moment with the superstar receptionist.

You can watch Radcliffe's awkward day at the office here, but watch out for his swearing at the end.

Fifty points from Gryffindor for that potty mouth, Mr Radcliffe.




Source: YouTube via UniLad

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