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What would you do if you land on Mars? New Face finalists say ...

With sci-fi thriller The Martian opening tomorrow, we ask our New Face finalists what they would do if they were stuck on the Red Planet

R Nametha

"Being stuck on Mars would be a dream come true. I have always wanted to travel to outer space. Probably throw a party while I'm at it!"

Samradha Sanjeev

"Of course I would try to figure out my survival, but knowing myself well enough, I would mess around first."

Lee Qian Hui

"I would seek out ways to secure food, water and warmth. When I am rescued, my stay on Mars would be an extremely valuable resource for Nasa. I would document my personal exploration of Mars in the form of a video log."

Niqi Chass

"My instinct would be to bring a camera to document everything. I'd hunt down the Mars rovers Curiosity or Opportunity to see if they've made new discoveries. Then I'd call home and tell everyone I'm safe."

Stacey Manoharan

"I would catch up on some sleep, since it could take at least a year to get to Mars, and also stay in my space suit at all times because the dust and radiation would probably fry me instantly."

Joeypink Lai

"I will marry a Martian and when I reproduce the first female child, we will go down in history as the ones who disproved the saying that men are from Mars and women from Venus."

Sherine Tan

"I will be as adventurous as I can and do whatever I can to live. I will also make a video of myself trying to live day after day, for scientists' future reference."

Ophelia Oliveiro

"I'll document all my knowledge about my life in Mars and play a part in delivering this information to Nasa so they are able to send some company, preferably Taylor Lautner."

Ishelle Ong

"If I were sent there as part of a team, I would attempt colonisation. In addition, a year on Mars is almost double a year on Earth and gravity is a third, so technically, I'll be younger and skinnier - every girl's dream."

Jessica Goh

"I do not mind being stuck on Mars as long as there are good people, my family and basic supplies like food."

Lin Jiahui

"If I had my phone with me, I'd first take a selfie on Mars to preserve the evidence of such extraordinariness!"

Nikki Pang

"I'd enjoy the view as it'll definitely be breathtaking and I'll pass out due to the lack of oxygen or freeze to death."

Selynna Norhisham

"I would spend the time teaching Martians how to speak Singlish. Imagine aliens being able to lament "sibei cold leh"!"

Melissa Poh

"I would carve my hashtag onto the ground to leave my mark, then frolic through the area, exploring every inch of it while waiting for rescue to come."

Marie Vanessa Chang

"Maybe I'd try eating the rocks? I'd probably disintegrate by the time Nasa came to fetch me, so why not put a rock into my mouth? New experiences every day, right? After all, it could just be a Mars bar."

Amy Syireen Marican

"I would make weapons for defence purposes, like a bow and arrow. I'm a survivor. I do what is needed to stay alive. I wouldn't waste my life just like that."

Vanessa Ho

"I would be excited to be out of Earth and see the beautiful galaxy beyond our atmosphere. I would make use of the lower gravity to dance and prance around, with the feeling of floating."

Tanisha Lissa Khan

"I would create a time capsule to place all my essentials so if any astronauts were to find it, there would be something to remember the girl who was stuck on Mars."

Denise Pung

"If I have my family and friends with me, we'll build a home and make friends with the Martians. My first question though: Where can I enrol to learn an extraterrestrial language?"

Angie Watkins

"I'd climb up a mountain, write a letter, eat a cookie and enjoy the view until someone finds me or the lack of oxygen takes me."

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