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Win! Terminator Genisys premiere tickets

He may be older but he's still able to save the day.

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays an aging Terminator T-800 who has become a bodyguard instead of a killer.

His mission is to train and protect Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke), the mother of future resistance leader John Connor (Jason Clarke), from other Terminators sent back in time to kill her.

This fifth instalment of the Terminator franchise revamps the storyline where John turns out to be humanity's threat instead of saviour, so Sarah has to find a way to stop her son and prevent Judgment Day from happening.

Terminator Genisys also stars Jai Courtney, Lee Byung Hun and JK Simmons.

We have a pair of premiere tickets to give away, courtesy of UIP Singapore.

The winner will also take home a Terminator Genisys mobile power pack, a water bottle and a drawstring bag.

The premiere is on June 24, 7pm at Shaw Lido.

Terminator Genisys opens here June 25 in IMAX 3-D and 3-D cinemas. Rating to be advised.

To win, watch the trailer and complete the following sentence below.

The contest is now closed. Thank you for participating!



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Posted by United International Pictures Singapore on Tuesday, June 9, 2015

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