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1000 people came to play Foo Fighters song and...

For those who are upset that your favourite artiste never drops by Singapore, you might want to try this method.

A thousand Foo Fighters fans came together in Cesena, northern Italy, to play one of the band's more popular tracks Learn to Fly.



They did it to convince Foo Fighters to come to their city.

In the video, large groups of people were seen playing guitars, bass, and drums.

A crowd was on hand to take care of the singing duties too.

The video went viral — garnering more than 10 million hits on YouTube. And in just two days, the Foo Fighters responded

The band's frontman Dave Grohl recorded a video in Italian. His promise, to drop by their city soon, was probably music to their ears.




This is what he said:

“Hello Cesena, I’m David, hi, and I’m sorry, I can’t speak Italian, just a little, just a little bit.
This video.. beautiful, really beautiful! Thank you so much. We are coming, I promise.
See you soon! Thank you very much, love you, bye.”

No prizes for guessing what fans thought.


Sources: YouTube, Consequence of Sound, Twitter

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