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Jennifer Lopez had at least seven costume changes. We rank them from best to worst.

​At the age of 46, Jennifer Lopez is really a freak of nature. Or rather, that's what I tell myself. 

Truth be told, Lopez has probably worked hard for her phenomenal body and as the popular adage goes: "If you got it, flaunt it".

Over the last few years, Lopez has become somewhat of an expert at flaunting it. 

Her red carpet appearances often show off her curves - most times leaving almost nothing to the imagination.

And the host of the 2015 American Music Awards basically used the show as a platform to flaunt her body in at least seven different outfits.

You would be forgiven for thinking that the show was all about her. Even if she said otherwise.

After singing a beautiful stripped down chorus of her mega hit Waiting for Tonight, as the audience applauded and cheered, she said: "Wait! Tonight is not about me."

Really, J Lo?

After all, instead of making the rest of us feel guilty about loading up on the carbs, she also sang and danced a medley to some of the year's biggest hits.



Jennifer Lopez kills this mashup of "Uptown Funk," "Anaconda," "7/11," "I Can't Feel My Face" and more! #AMAs

Posted by Karen Civil on Sunday, 22 November 2015


But while her dance moves and singing was on point, did all her outfits flatter her?

We rank them below from  best to worst.


We have seen a lot of Lopez over the years as she often dons sheer, fitting dresses for red carpet events. But this outfit that shows off her gorgeous bronzed complexion as well as her figure without showing too much just looks perfect on her.

It makes her look like a regal super hero - especially with that cape.


This shows just how youthful she is. It's sweet, girly, and the fit is really flattering as well. It looks like the dress that every one would want to own - and can possibly pull off without that perfect body.


If this isn't enough reason to kickstart your diet and exercise routine, I don't know what is. She looks really stunning in this dress.


We're veering into familiar J Lo territory with the glittery, shimmery dress that just fits like a glove. But as always, she looks great and it's hard to fault that.


Not many people can pull off an elaborately embroidered, skintight jumpsuit - and dance while at it. But J Lo can. (Are we absolutely sure she's not super human?)

This outfit perfectly showed off her bootylicious moves, especially in songs like Anaconda.

She even made Drake's famous dad moves in Hotline Bling look sexy in this outfit.

With great power comes great responsibility, and J Lo clearly uses her powers well in this outfit.


I'm personally not too fond of the batwinged outfit, but again, it does show off her curves.

The look does feel a little bit dated and *gasp* shows off her age. And that star belt? So kitschy. It looks like a bargain buy from a shop at Far East Plaza.


Is this leftover material from a Halloween costume? This dress does nothing for her figure. While I'm glad that she's at least wearing some underwear, both bra and panty are not at all flattering and she looks like she's drowning in a swathe of fabric. And that star belt makes a return!

I hope we never see it again. Unless it's Halloween.


This just looks like stylists were desperately scrambling for a dress and had no choice but to use the curtain of a 2-star hotel room.

Then they figured they didn't have enough material so they tied some really ugly knots to secure the dress in place.

In other words, this is just ugly. And it does no favours at all for her body. Thankfully, this was the final dress of the night so hopefully the memories of the gorgeous outfits before this help us forget this abomination of a dress.

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