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Adele accused of plagiarism

Fans of a famous Kurdish-Turkish singer are accusing Adele of stealing one of his song, reported the Independent.

The Grammy-winning British singer had recently released her album 25, which went on to break records all over the music industry as it sold a million copies in just 10 days.

However, one of the album's most widely-celebrated tracks, Million Years Ago, is currently in the spotlight as fans of Ahmet Kaya, a famous Kurdish singer from Turkey, are claiming that the song was plagiarised form his 1985 song "Acilara Tutunmak (Clinging to Pain)"

The tune has been said to sound similar.

A fan has also made a video to show the resemblance.

The Kurdish singer had passed away from a heart attack in 2000 while living in exile in Paris due to his political views.

Naim Dilmener, a Turkish music critic, thinks that the two songs were slightly similar, but "not too much".

“I don’t think Adele listened to Ahmet Kaya’s song and copied it deliberately,” he said, adding that he thought the Kurdish singer’s song was “an easy tune to figure out”.

Kaya’s widow Gülten Kaya reportedly told the Turkish daily Posta that it was unlikely for a global superstar such as Adele to carry out such actions.

“However, if she consciously did it, then it would be theft.”

Adele’s spokesman had yet to respond to a request to comment.

Source: Independent

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