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Bieber says sorry after storming off stage

Justin Bieber walked off stage during a performance - because fans didn't let him wipe the floor in peace.

The 21-year-old heartthrob was on a Norwegian talk show, Senkveld, in Oslo on Thursday night (Oct 29) and was supposed to perform five or six songs in a mini-concert, reported MTV.

According to a Belieber, the name of Bieber's fans, after opening with his hit Boyfriend, the singer had actually wanted to perform the song again because "the stage was kinda wet".

The fan revealed in a video later that the singer was drinking from a bottle on stage when it was snatched by some fans at the front row and some of its contents spilled on stage.



He then asked the band to stop playing and went to get a "towel" and tried to wipe the puddle of water but the same fans in the front row started grabbing at him and the fabric.



Amid all the screaming from the overly-excited fans, Bieber can be heard saying in a very agitated tone: “Guys! Yo! Listen to me! Are you listening? Okay, I’m trying to wipe the floor. Give me a second, yo. Guys, never mind, I’m done, I’m not doing the show. I’m not doing the show.”

The crowd, thinking he was joking, laughed.

But Bieber walked past his dancers and off the stage, and did not return.

The fans chanted his name and sang his 2010 single Baby, in an attempt to get him back on stage. His dancers were seen sitting on stage and clapping along, not knowing what to make of the situation.



The two hosts of the talk show then came on stage and apologised, saying that Bieber had already left, breaking the hearts of Beliebers who only managed to see him for less than 10 minutes.

After he left, Bieber posted an apology on Instagram.

He said his behaviour was due to a "a rough week for me, long days no sleep, while having to be "on" as they would say for cameras fans etc".



The day before, Bieber had similarly walked out on a Spanish radio interview after the radio hosts, asked a few awkward questions, according to the Daily Mail.



Sources: MTV, Daily Mail.


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