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Emma Stone: I'm obsessed with K-pop girl group 2NE1

Nega che chalaga.

These are the Korean lyrics to 2NE1's hit song, I Am The Best, which one Hollywood actress knows all too well.

Emma Stone recently became a hot topic of conversation among K-pop fans online after she admitted to her obsession with the genre on Conan O'Brien's eponymous talk show.

Some fans said that they are looking at The Amazing Spider-Man star in a new light and now have something in common with her.

In the two and a half minute clip uploaded on July 15, the exchange between Stone and O'Brien gets laughs from the audience as Stone tries to explain K-pop to the TV show host.

Asking Stone to explain what K-pop is, O'Brien said  that some may think that K-pop sounds like a weird drug.

Said Stone: "It's the hot new thing. It's Korean pop music and it's beyond excellent.

"It's the best thing you've ever seen."

Emma Stone (left) explaining K-pop to Conan O'Brien. PHOTO: YOUTUBE/ TEAM COCO

She added: "I don't know how to describe it, it's very addictive.

Stone says her current favourite group is 2NE1, who she got to share a stage with during the promotion tour for The Amazing Spider-Man in 2012.

"When we did the Spider-Man promo in Seoul, Korea, we were on stage with a band called 2NE1."

The mention got some cheers and whops from the audience.



Stone appeared to be slightly miffed when asked if it was odd that K-pop groups can have "15 members".

She interjected swiftly with: "This one (2NE1) only has 4 (members)."

On her love for the girls, she said: "I like I Am The Best... I must say it's incredible.

"It's an older song too, I must say I'm way behind."

When Stone mentioned 2NE1 and then Girls' Generation, she received enthusiastic applause from the audience which made her to turn to O'Brien with an "I told you so (K-pop is hot)" expression.

O'Brien joked that I Am The Best is a song that he's been singing for years while looking in the mirror.

YouTubers made comments on the video approving of her music choice.

"Ok now I like her!", wrote Rose Adava

 "Emma Stone, you are my new favourite," enthiused McKenzie Wishman

 Inspiritbabyvstar went so far to say: "I love Emma Stone but I just love her more now."

2NE1 in the  I Am The Best video. PHOTO:YOUTUBE

WATCH: Emma Stone admits K-pop obsession



But some cynics have called Stone's declaration of love for K-pop a smart move in light of the backlash that she had received for her movie, Birdman (2014).

According to Allkpop, Koreans were riled up when Stone's character took a dig at Kimchi in the film.

In one scene, Stone's character criticises the smell at a Korean-owned florists.

Her character's father, played by Michael Keaton, asks for flowers that smell nice and Stone's character says: "It all smells like ******* Kimchi."

Emma Stone making headlines in Birdman. PHOTO: YOUTUBE/ YTN NEWS

Some netizens commented that the Kimchi controversy may well be water under the bridge now that Stone is Hollywood's latest spokesman for K-pop.

Source: Allkpop, YouTube

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