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Girls' Generation caught in lip-syncing scandal again

A netizen's post that accuses Girls' Generation of lip-syncing during a recent music show has gone viral.

The netizen, who titled the post 'Girls' Generation Busted With Pre-Recorded Singing', had uploaded a picture of what appeared to be the programme schedule for the show on social media.

According to Korea Boo, the schedule had stated the order of the performances, the songs each group was going to sing and the musical accompaniment that was required by each group.

Apart from Girls' Generation who was slated to perform, the other K-pop groups included A Pink, SISTAR, Girls' Generation and BEAST.

Under musical accompaniment, the letters MR (Music Recorded) was written for every group.

Only Girls' Generation had "Live MR" written next to their name.

"Live MR" means that a pre-recorded track that imitates a live performance has to be used.

When this post went viral, some Girls' Generation fans shrugged it off.

They said that they didn't care that their idols lip-synced as they understood that it was difficult for them to dance and sing at the same time.

Other fans said that this was not enough evidence to prove that the girls did indeed lip-sync.

This debacle is reminiscent of back in 2010 when Girls' Generation, also known as SNSD, were similarly accused of lip-syncing at their Taiwan concert.

Hollywood Take reported that back then, their management company SM Entertainment released a statement which didn't deny this.

The statement in 2010 read: “There were some songs where they lip synced due to the strong choreography, but we did this only to emphasise the dancing and to put on a better on-stage performance for the Taiwanese fans to enjoy.

"We're saying this again, SNSD danced and sang live to most of their songs for both their Taiwan concerts.

“And because the Taiwanese fans saw SNSD putting in their best effort, they passionately cheered them on throughout both concerts. SNSD was also aware that this was their first independent concert in Taiwan as well, which is why they put on an even more passionate performance — but to hear controversy over just a few songs in which they lip synced only to emphasise the dancing is really unfair.”

The group's management has not responded to the latest allegations of lip-syncing.

Source: Korea Boo and Hollywood Take

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