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Hilary Duff uses fans on Dubsmash to tease her new songs

Hilary Duff is not content with just being the queen of online-dating app Tinder.

She has now set her sights on a new social networking app – Dubsmash.

We first discovered that Duff has an unusual way of using social media when she included her real life Tinder dates in the music video for her song Sparks in May.


While innovative, some fans objected to what they saw as a huge advert for Tinder. So a regular music video – called the 'Fan Demanded Version' – is also available on YouTube.

Tinder exploits over, Duff has moved to Dubsmash and her fans to tease two new tracks from her upcoming fifth studio album Breathe In. Breathe Out.

Dubsmash lets users lip-sync to songs, quotes and memorable lines from movies.

Not only is this a pioneering version of promotion, it is relatively cost free too, with fans doing most of the work for free.

And fans have jumped at the opportunity to not only listen but also put their own unique, and occasionally hilarious, spins on Duff's My Kind and One In A Million.

The short clips – now dubbed Duffsmashes – were uploaded to Twitter with the #Duffsmash hashtag.

These ones in particular caught the former Disney star's attention enough for her (or her account manager) to hit retweet.









You too can help Hilary Duff promote her songs with your own Duffsmash.

Dubsmash is free to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.


Source: MTV.com