Is she G-Dragon's secret new flame?

Leaked photos from G-Dragon's private Instagram account @peaceminusoneseem to suggest a romance between the 28-year-old leader of K-pop boy band Big Bang and Japanese model-actress Nana Komatsu, 20, reported

The pair worked together on a fashion shoot for Nylon magazine in March.

In one of the photos, G-Dragon and Komatsu are seen having dinner. The picture featured a comment by Big Bang member Taeyang saying "Let's write a song. It'll be called Lovers" - a hint that the pair is dating.

G-Dragon's label YG Entertainment said in an official statement to South Korea's Sports Daily: "This is the artist's private life, so we have nothing to say."

She's slammed for not being sad enough

FRIENDS: Taiwanese actress Joe Chen with the late Qiao Renliang

Taiwanese actress Joe Chen has been blasted by netizens for not showing grief on her Sina Weibo account after the death of her friend, Chinese actor Qiao Renliang.

Qiao, 28, was found dead in a Shanghai apartment last Friday night following a suspected suicide.

Qiao and Chen, 37, who's dubbed the Queen of Idol Dramas, had been close friends for more than seven years.

Some of Qiao's actor pals such as Jing Boran, Li Yifeng and Fu Xinbo posted condolence messages on their Weibo pages, but Chen did not, causing some netizens to accuse her of being "cold-blooded".

But Chen's fans stood up for her, saying: "When you're really upset, you won't have time to put on a show on social media."

On Sunday, reported that Chen was so saddened by Qiao's death that "her tears poured like rain" and she "cried so much she couldn't apply her make-up".

Sonia Sui expecting 2nd child - a girl

HAPPY FAMILY: Taiwanese modelactress Sonia Sui with husband Tony Chia and son Max.

Taiwanese model-actress Sonia Sui, who gave birth to her first child Max in Singapore last August, is pregnant again - and it will be a girl.

On her Facebook page, the 35-year-old posted four photos of her one-year-old son with the words: "Hi Lucy!"

She then added cute captions written from Max's perspective: "Of course, as your brother, I'm very happy to welcome my little sister. However, that means in the future, when Mummy shouts 'Darling', there will only be a one-third chance that she's referring to me!"

Sui's Taiwanese husband Tony Chia works in the finance sector. The couple wed in January 2015 after a four-month romance.

Train To Busan prequel to open Sept 29

Seoul Station, the prequel to Korean zombie blockbuster Train To Busan, will hit local cinemas on Sept 29.

The dark but touching animated flick is helmed by the same director, Yeong Sang Ho, and is set amid a zombie outbreak. It revolves around a runaway teenager who is being forced into prostitution by her boyfriend.

It features the voices of Ryu Seung Ryong, Shim Eun Kyung and Lee Joon, ex-member of boy band MBLAQ.

Train To Busan, which is still showing here, has set a new box office record for Singapore.

It is the sixth highest-grossing Asian movie after Ah Boys To Men 2 (2013), Ip Man 3 (2015), Ah Boys To Men 3: Frogmen (2015), Ah Boys To Men (2012) and Money No Enough (1998).