12 needles found inside baby's body in China

This article is more than 12 months old

An 11-month-old baby underwent a five-hour operation at Beijing Children's Hospital to remove 12 needles from inside her body.

The baby's mother, Liu Yiuxian​g, only realised something was amiss while bathing the little girl. 

The woman found four needles in her child's body and removed it.

A scan done on the child showed that there were 10 syringe needles and two sewing needles lodged in the baby's buttocks, pelvis and abdomen.

Police said on Saturday that the baby's aunt, Liu Hongyun, was suspected to be the culprit.

But the woman was found dead on Friday.

The baby's mother told Legal Evening News: "It’s impossible that her aunt would harm her."

Sources: Xinhua, Shanghai Daily