Adam Levine crashed weddings for new music video

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Wedding crashers are usually unwelcome - unless they are a five-piece band with Adam Levine as the frontman.

Yes, you heard that right. Maroon 5 actually crashed some real-life weddings in Los Angeles for their music video for Sugar.

Adam Levine said at the beginning of the video: "We're going to drive across LA and hit every wedding we possibly can."

Here's how it happened.

The crew nonchalantly enters the wedding venue and sets up their equipment while puzzled wedding guests look on.


The band stands behind a white sheet, which gets pulled down during the big reveal.


If one wedding wasn't enough, Maroon 5 went on to crash several more – and everyone reacted differently. 


Even this cute uncle joined in the fun. 

Sigh, this is one more thing brides-to-be can add to their 'never going to happen' list.

Source: YouTube

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