Anniversary of Japan tsunami disaster: Here's how you can help in 5 secs

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Open Yahoo! Japan and search for "3.11".

And that's it. You've just helped out in the recovery efforts of the 2011 earthquake-tsunami disaster in Japan that killed close to 19,000 people.

The search engine company will be donating 10 yen (S$0.11) for every such search conducted today (March 11), which is the fourth anniversary of the incident.



The Internet giant donated 25,683,250 yen last year to the Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Initiatives Foundation after receiving 2,568,325 unique browser searches on March 11, 2014.

The date is engraved on Japan’s collective psyche: the day a terrifying 9.0 magnitude undersea earthquake sent the ocean barrelling into the coast.

Communities were wiped out. Farmlands were poisoned. A nuclear catastrophe was set off as reactors at Fukushima were pushed into meltdown.

Four years on, 2,584 people are still listed as missing and nearly 230,000 people remain unable to return to their homes.

Search continues

Thousands of people are still unable to turn the page on the horror of 2011.

For them, grief is frozen in time because they cannot find the bodies they need to mourn.

Till today, Mr Takayuki Ueno is still looking for his son.

The body of his eight-year-old daughter Erika and his mother, 60, have been found near the family home.

"I can’t help thinking how short his life was, only three years," the 42-year-old man told AFP.

Source: AFP

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