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Apple unveils new iPads with modest upgrades

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Apple introduced a faster, slimmer iPad Air 2, which it dubbed "the world’s thinnest tablet", on Thursday.

The company’s vice-president Phil Schiller said: "It’s so thin you can stack two of them and it will still be thinner than the original iPad."

The device, which is 6.1mm in thickness, has new features such as an anti-reflective screen, a fingerprint sensor and a mobile payments system known as Apple Pay.

The aluminium-body tablet uses a more powerful processor and weighs just 435g.

Apple unveiled the new iPad Air 2 during a special event. Photo: AFP

Apple also upgraded its smaller tablet, called the iPad Mini 3.

The iPad Air 2 is priced at US$499 (S$640) and up, while the iPad mini 3 is priced at US$399 and up. Apple will cut prices for the current iPad models.

SingTel and M1 said in separate media statements that they would be offering the new devices later this month.

Apple Pay

Apple said it will launch its new electronic payments service, Apple Pay, on Monday.

The system allows iPhone and iPad users to tap their devices to pay at retailers.

Apple chief Tim Cook talking about Apple Pay. Photo: AFP

The company has already reached agreements with payment processors like Visa and MasterCard, as well as a range of stores like Macy’s, Sports Authority, Toys R Us, Staples and Whole Foods Markets.

Apple chief Tim Cook said the company had already signed another 500 banks to support the feature which competes with eBay's PayPal and other online systems.


Apple also announced its OS X desktop operating system called Yosemite was now available as a free upgrade for users of Mac computers.

The new system includes a feature called “handoff” to allow people to switch among Apple devices and continue a task such as writing e-mails.

The company introduced an iMac computer with a 27-inch display boasting image quality far better than high-definition televisions, and an upgraded Mac mini with a lower starting price.

Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller announcing the new iMac with 5k retina display. Photo: AFP

Sources: AFP, Reuters

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