Because of potato shortage, you can order only 'small' fries at McDonald’s Japan

This article is more than 12 months old

McDonald’s in Japan is rationing french fries as it grapples with a shortage of potatoes.

This means customers can only order small packets of fries.

The company has already flown in more than 1,000 tonnes of potatoes and has a emergency shipment of 1,600 tonnes of potatoes underway.

But the Japanese arm of the fast food giant said "this is not enough to offer a stable supply to customers".

It said in a statement: “We will temporarily change our product lineup... until a stable supply of potatoes is in sight.

“It is difficult for us to get potatoes in a sustainable manner due to lagging labour negotiations on the US West Coast.”

Industrial disputes on the US West Coast are crimping exports of french fries, leaving Japanese restaurants scrambling to secure fresh supplies.

Dock workers in the US are reportedly on a go-slow and have not been providing full crews for months in a bid to gain bargaining leverage in labour negotiations with employers.

Source: AFP