Builder in China survives on pee for a week after fall broke his arms, legs and mobile phone

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The builder was about to finish his job at  a construction site in Hunan province, China.

But a misstep meant 28-year-old Yang Hsieh slipped and plunged 65 feet (20 metres). The fall broke his arms and legs.

It also shattered his mobile phone.

Unable to contact people for help - and with no one around to hear his cries - the stranded Yang survived by drinking his own urine for a week.

Meanwhile, his friends thought he had quit his job.

Builder Fai She, 32, said:

"At first we thought he was off sick. We tried calling him but the phone was consistently off and by day four, we thought he must have worked somewhere else.
"We had no idea he was lying on the ground below us."

Six days later, a passerby heard Yang's weak cries for help.

Kang Chia, 47, said: "I was walking my dog when I heard someone calling for help. I went over and saw him lying at the bottom of a pit."

"He looked in a very bad way."

Yang was sent to hospital, where doctors foresee him making a full recovery. 

Sources: Metro, Mail Online

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