Burglar, who used hot tub and shower, caught naked in laundry room

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A burglar in the US took off all his clothes and treated himself to a dip in a hot tub and a shower in the master bathroom of a home he broke into.

He also helped himself to the alcohol.

And when he was done, he ventured butt naked into another house in the neighbourhood.

But unlike the previous home, this residence wasn't empty.

A woman, who was helping the home owner watch the house, was awoken by noises from the laundry room, stated a press release from Keizer Police Department.

When she went to investigate, the room door suddenly slammed shut.

Naked man found

The woman called the police and her husband, and armed herself with a knife.

The incident happened shortly before 5am on Sunday (Jan 4) in Keizer, a city in the state of Oregon.

Police searched the house and found a naked 24-year-old man inside.

Guillermo Brambila Lopez was found to have entered both houses through the windows.

He was charged with burglary and criminal mischief, and his bail was set at US$82,500 (S$110,000).

Source: Keizer Police Department

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