OCBC uses data analytics, tech in hiring staff

This article is more than 12 months old

Data analytics and technology play a huge role not only in OCBC Bank's operations but also in its human resource (HR) practices, said a top executive.

Mr Jason Ho, its head of group HR, recently told The Straits Times: "A digital strategy is not just about technology, but also people, and how they adapt and use technology, and a mindset to embrace changes in the organisation.

"At the end of the day, we have to put everything together and need the information system to capture the data (we need)."

Mr Ho recalled a case study from the bank using data analytics "to provide insights on executive resourcing".

"The team discussed coming up with a dynamic dashboard with colours like amber and green, to show the readiness of a candidate as he moves along the pipeline.

"The business partners, or those who support business divisions in hiring, can log in to the system to know the progress, instead of the traditional reliance on spreadsheets and conversations," he said.

The system can help identify if hiring managers is taking too long and help hasten processes and improve candidate experience.

Said Mr Ho: "By using data analytics in a simple way, you can improve productivity and create a better collaboration within the HR team. The reason our HR team can do this is that we started our data analytics journey way before.

"Our former chief executive David Conner asked what we can compete on besides pricing.

"That is how we started 12 years ago, and took at least three years to clean up our enterprise data, among other things."


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