PropNex and DWG merging to form the largest real estate agency in Singapore

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The combined firms will form the largest real estate agency in Singapore, trumping rival ERA

Property heavyweight PropNex Realty is merging with the Dennis Wee Group to form the largest real estate agency in Singapore.

The surprise deal announced yesterday comes amid a tighter residential market that has seen reduced transactions and falling commission for agents, whose ranks have been thinning for some years.

The merger involves Dennis Wee Group, which has 1,071 salespersons, joining forces with PropNex and its 5,855 salespeople by the end of next month.

It is estimated that at least 80 per cent of Dennis Wee's agents will move across, giving the newly enlarged PropNex a sales force of about 6,600 agents.

That will mark a major coup for the firm as it will allow it to trump ERA, which has been the largest agency here with 6,243 agents.

PropNex chief executive Ismail Gafoor said yesterday that there is no "dollar value" put on the merger.

Mr Ismail called the deal "one of the most shocking arrangements we have gone through" given that there have been no monetary terms to thrash out.

"It was never about equity terms. We signed a simple memorandum of understanding," he said, adding that the essence of the agreement was about the transition of the property agents.

Dr Dennis Wee, chairman and founder of his namesake group, said the merger came as the company wanted to sell off its brokerage business to focus on investments, valuation and property development.

He declined to say which other parties had approached him.

Dr Wee, 65, said he also wanted to spend more time with his family but wanted to ensure that his salespeople, many of whom have been with the company for more than a decade, can continue to develop their skills and sales revenues.

Mr Denka Wee, 33, his son who joined the company seven years ago, told The Straits Times that the group was making the change in direction as it now derives 90 per cent of its profit from its businesses in investment and development.

The group's annual revenue is about US$60 million (S$83 million), he said, but his father draws just a four-figure salary a month.

Dr Wee will continue to get a salary from Dennis Wee Group. He will not be paid by PropNex but reap a cut from agent commissions.

His official role at PropNex will be as senior strategic partner.

The property market is still reeling from the effects of the cooling measures, and the numbers of property agents and agencies have been falling.