Businessman conned of $155,000 in deal with devil

This article is more than 12 months old

There's US$5 million (S$6.5m) in the netherworld just for you. And all you need to get the money is a special key. 

But to get the key, you need to offer money to a genie.

Sound like pure bull, guff and hogwash? Not to a businessman in Malaysia who was conned of almost RM400,000 (S$155,000).

The 40-year-old man was first lured by a conman into buying a ring for RM2,000 in September.

But in the weeks after, the victim forked up RM393,500 to perform a series of rituals in rented houses or hotels.

'Part of the ritual'

Ampang Jaya Assistant Commissioner Khairuldin Saad said the victim was required to offer prayers and money to a genie during the rituals.

"He purchased three suitcases to put in 519 bundles of paper resembling dollar bills.

"He then added real money into the mix as part of the ritual," he said.

The businessman lodged a police report early this month after not getting the millions he was promised.


Acting on a tip-off, police arrested a Georgian national in a recreational park in PandanIndah, Selangor​ at about 9pm last Friday.

Mr Khairuldin said the suspect admitted to scamming the businessman and led the police to a place in Taman Cahaya Indah where the three suitcases and ritual paraphernalia were found.

Police also seized the man’s mobile phone.

The case has been classified as cheating.

Source: The Star